$1500 Junior Data Scientist remote or relocate

creating teams dna325

Preferred location: remote, relocate
Preferred schedule: full-time


Coding skills are the combined result of academic studies and self-learning. In his academic curriculum, he has intermediate-advanced modules for scientific computing, mainly taught in C. He has considerably improved his knowledge of Matlab and Python. In particular, he has used Python for the realization of data visualization software. Python is the main language he uses outside of Academic studies, especially for studies in Machine learning and Deep Learning. Libraries used include: Sci-kit learn, Pandas, Keras.

Tools & Technology

  • Html
  • R
  • Matlab
  • Python
  • Linux
  • C


  • English – Upper
  • Italian – Native


  • Analyze data and extract physical results
  • Make simulations and physical models
  • Software development for data visualization
  • Presentation of results during meetings