$3000 CCO / Head of Marketing Kyiv

creating teams dna325

Preferred location: Kyiv or relocate
Preferred position: Head of Marketing
Preferred schedule: full_time


I organize an efficient online-based marketing process (function reorganization, the establishment of a unit and its integration into the company’s working process).


  • 4 years in IT marketing,
  • 15 years in offline marketing


  • Management of the company’s marketing
  • Management of front-office (sales via online channels; 1st line support)
  • Management of B2B-sales department
  • General management of the web development process
  • Business development, sales, and customer support
  • Partner program (B2B, offline) and Affiliate program (online) development
  • CRM and tools for analytics and planning are implemented
  • Communication Strategy development (CIS, EU, US).


English – Upper


  • Competitive environment survey on the global market. Finalization of the product from the tech solution.
  • В2В & В2С fields segmentation and product testing.
  • Development of commercialization strategies, development of launch strategies for В2В and В2С markets.
  • A portfolio of prospective deals and projects (long cycles).