5 Interviewing Techniques You Should Start Using in 2019

5 Interviewing Techniques You Should Start Using

Candidate interviewing is integral to efficient recruiting. The majority of recruiters nowadays sticks to a traditional hiring sequence. They request a resume, perform the traditional phone screen and, eventually, an in-person interview. The only problem is, this approach is obsolete.

In the times of their foundation, traditional interviews were the cutting-edge technology of making right hiring decisions. However, we have to accept that they have become quite outdated these days. “Where do you see yourself in five years?” – sounds boring, doesn’t it? Not only do these questions not provide any useful information about the candidates anymore in our modern data-driven world; they indicate that your hiring techniques are stuck 10 years ago. With that being said, let’s discover 5 techniques that will make your recruitment both efficient and pleasant for applicants.

Video Interviewing

Video interviewing saves a significant amount of time for every application review. You and your candidates can have a fast and convenient interview online instead of spending an entire day to reach the office at a specific time.

Which Software to Use

There are plenty of free applications you can work with. Skype, Google Hangouts and many other software products are here to establish a secure connection between you and applicants.

Why Video Interviews Are Vital to You

Video interviews are not only time savers. This technology considerably expands your potential talent pool. It means that talented people from distant regions receive the opportunity to apply for a job in your company with zero risks. Traditional interviews require unnecessary traveling from the candidate and result in monetary and time losses for both sides.


If your applicants are currently far away from the USA – or any other country you are situated in – or there are some difficulties in being online at the same time, ask them to record their answers. Make sure you won’t miss any single talent with video interviews.

Casual Interviews

Do candidates feel nervous during the interview? Most of them do. Sometimes overly formal conditions create a certain discomfort, and it’s completely natural. We are not used to such strict settings, and it can exceedingly distract us from the process.


Casual interviews solve this issue. This is why people feel much more comfortable in casual conditions:

  • It’s a neutral territory. However funny it may sound, people find it much easier to have a conversation in a restaurant than in your office;
  • More genuine talk. Natural and relaxed, applicants feel free to express their true self;
  • It’s unusual. People find this approach unconventional and look forward to the experience. And the applicant’s interest is what you strive for.


You can come up with thousands of casual interview options. Restaurants, car rides, even Ferris Wheels interviews. The informal ambiance is what you need to get to know the human behind their hard skills.

Job Auditions

Asking people how they cope with specific issues is one thing. Seeing them actually solving a real-world problem is an entirely different perspective on their abilities.

People can spend the whole day explaining how perfect their professional skill is. Unfortunately, sometimes words aren’t enough. This is why job auditions are a relevant trend for modern interviewing.

How to Motivate Candidates to Sign for a Job Audition

The key point is to ensure a decent experience for the applicants. Offer a full working day payment, free lunch or even announce the competition for candidates with cash prizes. Don’t skimp on your recruitment tools. Just remember that picking the best people for your company is guaranteed to pay off.

VR Assignments

Virtual reality is still a rare technology in some industries, and recruitment is one of them. VR implementation is a great way to express your strive for technological dominance among the competitors. Moreover, it’s an immersive experience your applicants would love to have.

Being entertaining for candidates, VR assignments show their mindset. Test their decision-making skill, critical thinking, behavior in stressful situations and many other soft skills and professional capacity.

Why VR Is Efficient

First things first, virtual reality technology is fresh and entertaining. People enjoy VR experience instead of conventional assignments. Secondly, it’s rated among the most informative recruitment tools. For instance, Lloyds Banking Group, the major British financial institution, has created the VR assignment app. This interview automation saves time and brings an alternative perspective on their talented candidates.

Candidate EQ Assessment

While professional skills are paramount in recruitment, many forget about emotional intelligence. It’s a complex of social skills, motivation, empathy, and self-awareness. Although emotional intelligence (EQ) is underrated in many HR practices, it’s crucial to understand whether a person fits in your community.

The LinkedIn Talent Blog highlights the following 6 vital soft skills and questions to assess them in your applicants:

  1. Adaptivity. Ask about a time they were told to do something for the first time. Find out how they reacted and whether they managed to do their task;
  2. Culture Fit. Ask about the candidates’ most essential things in a job. Discover their values and priorities;
  3. Collaboration. See the applicants’ collaboration skills by asking about their working experience with “difficult” people;
  4. Leadership. Ask about a situation when something vital didn’t go as planned. You’ll learn whether they can take initiative;
  5. Growth potential. Ask the candidates about a critical situation when their manager was absent. Find out whether they are capable of solving serious issues without senior colleagues;
  6. Prioritization. This soft skill reflects candidate’s ability to organize complex workflow. Ask about a time when the applicant had to manage several projects at the same time.

The Bottom Line

Modern recruitment techniques bring an efficient alternative to traditional interviews. It’s up to the employer to keep up with world trends to keep his head above the water. If you look for professional assistance in recruiting, DNA325 is here to help you. We are a full-cycle IT Recruitment & R&D agency situated in Ukraine. Reach out to us today to use our extensive expertise in order to create your high-qualified team of professionals.