How To Hire AI & Data Science Specialists

Data scientist

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Data Science has become the commonly fruitful IT concepts, employed by many to analyze and automate the workflow. Because business solutions based on theses technologies are quite specific for different niches, companies often turn to developers and order turnkey products. There’s only one issues here: finding a competent AI & Data Science specialist isn’t that simple. You need professionals with the extensive theoretical knowledge base, analytical mind, and a good experience of working in IT. Want to see more detailed tips on how to hire such an expert? Read on through our article – we’ll share what we know and highlight the advantages of employing these particular technologies !

The fruitfulness of AI & Data Science concepts

Let’s make a brief analysis – in which business fields and separate business processes is AI & Data Science most commonly employed? The following tips will shed the light on some particular specifics.

Planning, analytics, and reports

The planning of business processes means, first of all, an analysis of existing data and composition of the most profitable further business management strategy based on that. Analyzing everything and writing reports manually is a quite cumbersome affair. One small error in numbers and the reported results will be absolutely incorrect. It also takes a load of time (this issues is especially relevant to large network corporations, which consist of numerous distributed offices). In turn, structuring, analysis, and further prediction of large volumes of data is a routine business for the specialized software based on the artificial intelligence.


Automation doesn’t only concern the manufacture hardware, which, lately, have been eagerly taking up more and more human responsibilities. It is also widely applicable to the high-performance software, which is able to execute a dozen of operations each second. The employment of such data-driven software in business helps balance the necessity to constantly look for new employees and allows assigning more intellectual tasks to the existing staff.


Recent marketing researchers are increasingly based on the data processed via the special computing hardware. The thing is that it’s practically impossible to analyze the existing market situation correctly and fast solely with the help of human resources. As for computers and special computer software, they handle the process much faster, more precisely, and with the decreased risks of errors taking place (which, oftentimes, appear due to the human factor). Thus, hardware is crucial, keep it in mind.

Customer service

Companies put much emphasis on the quality of service provided in the era of the universal availability of any type of goods and the colossal product assortments. In order to leave customers fully satisfied with their purchases, the so-called ‘personalized approach’ is employed. Obviously, when a company processes hundreds and thousands of requests daily, human labor resources just aren’t sufficient enough. Here’s where the AI & Data Science come into play. These tech concepts will help you offer customers services and products according to their individual preferences, which is crucial for boosting an average check.

The Data Scientist position: how the perfect candidate looks like?

Now, for the main thing: who are Data Scientists and what should you demand in particular while hiring them?

The common tasks assigned to Data Scientists are data processing (including the data from unstructured sources), employment of Big Data as a part of machine learning and artificial intelligence techs, creation of new efficient data analysis algorithms, development of models and templates for the work with the artificial intelligence, and composition of requests for data sources.

In order to handle the mentioned responsibilities, a hired expert must possess the following practical knowledge and skills:

  • command in discrete mathematics, statistics and statistical analysis;
  • knowledge of Machine Learning algorithms;
  • practical skills of working with databases and various data types;
  • command in DBMS query input languages;
  • knowledge of programming languages common among programmers that work with machine learning – R, Python, Matlab, etc.
  • skills in Hadoop, Hive, etc.

Where to look for and how to attract a Data Scientist for your project

The most common way to start your recruitment searches is to dive into hundreds of candidate resumes on such resources as,, or in the specialized social networks like LinkedIn. As an option, you can go through the themed online communities like Kaggle – probably, the most experienced and really passionate experts dwell there. You can also leave your working position opening there.

A method that works 100% in the 100% of cases is the specialized recruitment agency, the experts of which professionally work on hiring the required by clients experts. We provide such services, by the way – we are the DNA325 company, nice to meet you. We’ll find a perfect expert from Ukraine for your project, the professional experience and qualification of whom will exceed all of your expectations. We’ll also provide the consulting services related to the business acquisition by foreign in Ukraine.

The description of the position is another crucial moment  – you must go far beyond the ‘reasonable payment’ advantage to really attract a competent expert (your offer must stand out among tons of offers the qualified Data Science specialists get each day).

The following ‘tricks’ can help you tickle the expert’s fancy:

  • work and exchange of experience with the Data Science niche leaders;
  • ability to requalify for a more scientific position;
  • participation in international conferences and conventions;
  • work with non-standard tasks;
  • comfortable working conditions (including the powerful, advanced hardware and software).

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