Now is the Best Time to Learn AI and Get a Better Job


At the end of 2017, Gartner reported that by 2020 the sphere of artificial intelligence will create 2.3 million new jobs and eliminate 1.8 million existing ones. On the one hand, thanks to AI-based software, many work processes will be performed without the direct participation of live persons and this can eliminate some positions. On the other hand, such innovations promise to improve the quality of service (and this is one of the primary aspects in the successful conduct of business) and will allow getting rid of insufficiently competent employees. In addition, it will help to transit many workers to a fundamentally new level of their professional duties and direct them to perform more complex tasks.

Thus, the area of AI-based software development is an extremely promising direction for the application of professional skills. In this article, we will review the basic notions associated with this concept and discuss market areas that in the near future will benefit the most from the introduction of such programs.

How is Artificial Intelligence Created Today?

Today, the concept of artificial intelligence has many formulations. Nevertheless, the fundamental designation of the AI is the same. It consists in the ability to make decisions independently, to learn, to recognize and even to predict outcomes, relying on certain input data. In fact, in AI-based apps mathematical, cybernetic and even biological knowledge is used (however, you, as a developer, most likely will use the ready AI platforms, in which all these aspects have been comprehensively worked out by their creators).

In order to build an application based on artificial intelligence, developers create an artificial neural network, based on the same algorithms as in the case with a human brain. As a result, after sorting out the same tasks, the AI receives ready samples, on the basis of which the application can make further decisions almost instantly.

Of course, the code necessary to build such a network is characterized by a very complex implementation. In order to free developers from programming artificial neurons and connections between them, special platforms such as Clarifai, Tensorflow, Amazon AI, IBM Watson, etc., were created. This allows coders focusing their attention on the main business logic of the future app and specific functionality not attributed to the AI routines.

Artificial Intelligence in Business

Let us find out in which areas the applications based on AI will are in the most demand:

  • Healthcare. Artificial intelligence in the field of health is used primarily to establish the diagnosis in cases when the human eye (even if it is the eye of a medic with 30 years of experience) cannot detect the slight early indicators of the patient condition. In particular, IBM Watson analytic service is one of the most famous AI solutions that were successfully applied in medicine.
  • Automotive industry. Probably, there is not a single person who does not admire the product of the Elon Musk’s company – a Tesla car equipped with an onboard autopilot. Given the rapidly growing sales of this vehicle, we are confident that competitors will follow up with their own solutions in the near future. In fact, several enterprises announced that they test the alternatives already and Google has been holding an AI-driven car competition for years.
  • Economy. Financial structures are using AI routines for highly efficient processing of transactions for several years to the day. In addition, such software solutions allow early detection of fraudulent activity, which is unquestionably valuable to ensure the security

How to Obtain Knowledge in the Sphere of AI-based Apps Development

And now we come to the most important thing – how to learn creating applications based on AI? Let us discover it in more detail.

  • Take the training courses. Perhaps the easiest way to quickly learn how to create applications based on the AI concept is to enroll in special courses. Since we do not know your exact territorial affiliation, we can recommend online courses, like those provided at the Coursera.
  • Read the training literature. Even if you paid for super-cool programming courses for AI-based solutions that guarantee to make you an application developer of 80th level in 21 days, be aware that this promise will not come true if you exert absolutely no effort. Therefore – read the additional materials (we definitely recommend reading Artificial Intelligence: Foundations of Computational Agents, Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java, and Planning Algorithms).
  • Attend the topical conferences. In view of the fact that this area of software development is developing very rapidly, there is some risk that your AI knowledge would become outdated suddenly. In order to be aware of all the latest developments, do not disregard this recommendation.
  • Try to create your own project. Practice, practice, and more practice! Nothing will give you the deep enough understanding of the topic like the hands-on experience does. To begin with, you can try to create your own chatbot, and, as you improve your skills, start implementing more and more complex projects.

Building the Career in the AI Development: Conclusion

Let us summarize. As you may already see, artificial intelligence is one of the most promising areas in the field of software development. Very soon this concept will not only expand the scope of competencies in existing job positions but will also open many new vacancies, based on the maintenance of highly intelligent hardware. Already a lot of companies, the work of which is connected to electronic equipment, in their daily operation employ applications based on AI elements. Thus, we can safely assume that forecasts predicting the global shortage of jobs due to the widespread introduction of AI and robotic systems into business are not particularly accurate. AI will help employees in various spheres to make their current work more efficient and productive. True, some professions would become obsolete but even more new ones will appear. After all, do you meet a lot of lamplighters or switchboard operators outside of museum exhibitions today? And in their days these were fairly common and respected professions.

If you are burning with a desire to build your career in the development of solutions based on AI, do not hesitate and start learning right now!